fredag den 25. maj 2007

COBOL is not useless

I have a kind of friendship with COBOL.
It was the first language I used to program professionally.

Here's an article about COBOL's future.

So now a JAVA IDE is bringing COBOL into the new Millenium.. laugh, point.

Thank God I went the JAVA route.

COBOL arrowed!

torsdag den 24. maj 2007

Sailing mishap!

This really got me thinking of how much time some people put into really wierd stuff.

I love homestar++ though.
Wierd link

My Blog is up

I'm trying out blogging.


Many people blog because of pure exhibitionism.

Not me...


I Blog for the pure sake of getting all those tainted thoughts out of my head.

Now a list of wicked sites I sometimes give a look:

..ah... that feels better.